Robotic Benchtop Powder Dispenser Module


Robotic Benchtop Powder Dispenser Module

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To move to a higher level of automation we have now created a robotic module for our solid dispensers which converts them into benchtop automation solutions.

The SDB-1 solid dispenser integrated into the new Robotic Module can be deployed for automated dispensing in batch processing of wellplates as well as racks of microtubes or vials. The system is controlled from a touch screen controller in the front bezel. Different tube racks formats can be programmed. It can be retrofitted to existing SDB-1 dispensers.

This solution increases productivity by enabling “walk-away” time of lab operators and alleviates tedious repetitive tasks. One staff can operate a number of these robotic systems in parallel


  • Tube or vial racks are inserted in the support of the xy table on the robotic module.
  • Dispensing process is started from touchscreen controller and can be paused / restarted at each moment.
  • Settings for custom racks with number of containers as well as spacing can be entered.


  • Integrates SDB-1 Dispenser with full functionality
  • Pause/Start/Pause after action/Restart function
  • Multiple dose dispensing (up to 99x repeat shots per container)
  • Custom well-plate configuration:
       – Number of tubes/vials along X-axis
       – Number of tubes/vials along Y-axis
       – Spacing between adjacent tubes/vials along X-axis
       – Spacing between adjacent tubes/vials along Y-axis
       – Index location for first tube/vial


Specifications Descriptions.
Dosing cycle time 6 – 8 sec
Size W 250 mm x D 480 mm x H 500 mm
Weight 11 kg
Power Supply switching 115V / 230V
Power rating 10W

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