Dispensing Solutions

Laboratory Powder Dispensers

Our solid dispensers do away with tedious and time-consuming manual dispensing of powders. These laboratory dispensers allow repeated dosing of substances in precise amounts  fast, accurately and safe.

Our Products Features

1. Speed

Manual solids dispensing can be laborious as it requires to progressively pour and check the amount on the scale to be dispensed. The solid dispenser (SDH/B/M-1) offers consistent and accurate dosing, time after time.

2. Versatility

The auto powder dispenser is able to handle a wide range of solids and microspheres. XQ Instruments offers testing and calibration with the target powders before shipping the device to the customer.

3. Ease of Operation

The user only needs to fill or attach the reservoir to the dispenser, select the number of shots and press the trigger button. Whether battery operated handheld dispenser or bench-top, the powder dispensing equipment is mobile and can be used in different context and location.

Methods & Applications

Volumetric Dispenser

XQ Instruments dispensers are volumetric powder dispensers. What this means is that they dispense solids or powders by their volume rather than weight.  The volume relates to the weight by the bulk density, which is the weight of the sitting solids for a given volume.  The bulk density of solids (for example, a certain volume of the fine solids poured into a beaker but do not tapped) differs significantly from the density of the solids as block material.  

The volumetric dispenser operates in an open loop where a certain amount of powder is filled into a fixed chamber and then dispensed at the next step of the process.  This is repeated with each fixed dose (volume) being accurately dispensed.  The dispenser therefore needs to be calibrated for this fixed dose. 

The advantage of volumetric dispensing is the speed of dispensing.  The disadvantage  is a lack of feedback on the actual weight of the dispensed dose.  XQ Instruments has an automated weighing scale accessory to provide feedback and logging of actual measurements for each dose, the amount (weight) dispensed in each cycle.  In such a setup, the user can choose to discard dispensed samples that are outside the accepted weight range.

Glass beads

Microspheres or glass beads are dispensed into a variety of mediums for specific applications. These glass beads exhibit high mechanical strength, chemical stability and limited thermal expansion.  They flow freely which is a good quality for accurate, repeated dispensing by XQ Instruments dispensers.  As glass beads are resistant to moisture, they remain consistent in their density and do not stick together forming clumps. They are one of the most commonly used solids in our dispensers and sizes vary from the nanometres to millimetres range.