Laboratory Equipment Suppliers for Solids/Powder Dispenser & Centrifuge Tubes/Microtube Capping Machine

Make each lab hour count

XQ Instruments designs, develops and manufactures innovative, patented laboratory equipment for semi-automated processes in the typical laboratories.  Its main focus is powder dispensing and microtube handling.

The SDH (Handheld) and SDB (Bench top) precision powder dosing devices improve process accuracy, lab productivity and is ideal for quick, repeated powder dispensing into vials and multiple containers in automated XY table racks.

The MCD / MCF range of microtube cappers and decappers accelerates the capping of microtubes in a consistent manner by applying a controlled torque in the capping process.  This removes the variation of manual, human capping and prevents occupational health & safety issues to the operator. 

XQ Instruments is certified to medical device quality standards under ISO 13485.

We offer customisation of the equipment to our client’s requirements and we can test against samples from our clients to ensure performance.

Innovative Laboratory Apparatus for the Most Accurate Powder Measuring & Automated Screw Capping of Microtube or Centrifuge tubes

Cultivating Lab Productivity & Occupational Health with Industry Leaders


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Microtube Capper/Decapper
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