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Robot Arm

Microcapper MCF-13A

The bench-top Microcapper MCF-13A with the addition of a Robotic Module can be deployed to do automated capping in batch processing of a rack of microtubes or vials. The module is controlled from a PC which interfaces with the Microcapper.

The PC software allows programming of different tube racks, including custom configurations.

This solution increases productivity by allowing for “walk-away” time of lab operators and alleviates tedious repetitive tasks. One staff can operate a number of such robotic systems in parallel.

  • Tube or vial racks are inserted in the tube rack
  • Uncapped and Capped tube racks can be quickly swapped
  • Capping process will be started from software on controlling PC; can be paused / restarted at any moment.
  • Settings for custom racks with number of tubes as well as spacing can be entered in the software
  • Plug and play via PC USB port, auto selection of serial COM port with manual over-ride
  • Pause/Start/Pause after action/Restart function
  • Recalibration function for rack configuration and physical location, relative to microcapper :
    • Number of tubes/vials along X-axis
    • Number of tubes/vials along Y-axis
    • Spacing between adjacent tubes/vials along X-axis
    • Spacing between adjacent tubes/vials along Y-axis
    • Index location for first tube/vial

Tube rack dimensions: 250mm x 90mm (can be customised)
Number of tubes: 24 (can be customised)
Capping cycle time: 14 sec.
Size: 285 mm x 580 mm x 490 mm
Weight: 12 kg (with capping machine)
Power Supply switching: 115V / 230V
Power rating: 260W (with capping machine)

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