Dispensing Solutions

Automatic Laboratory Powder Dispensers

Our solid dispensers assist to avoid tedious and time-consuming manual dispensing of powders. These products are to powders as the pipette is to liquids, able to repeatedly dispense precise amount of substances.

1. Speed

Manual solids dispensing can be laborious as it requires to check and double check the amount on the scale to be dispensed. The solid dispenser (SDH/B/M-1) offers consistent and accurate dosing, time after time.

2. Versatility

The auto power dispenser is able to handle a wide range of solids and microspheres. XQ Instruments offers testing and calibration with the target powders before shipping the device to the customer.

3. Ease of Operation

The user only needs to fasten the glass vials onto the solids dispenser, select the value and then press the trigger button. Whether a handheld dispenser and battery operated or bench-top, the powder dispensing equipment is mobile and can be used in different context and location.