PCD-1: Automatic Powder Crusher & Dispenser

Powder Crusher & Dispenser

The Solids Dispenser and Powder Crusher PCD-1 can dispense and crush freely selectable gravimetric doses of solids in a highly precise and repeatable fashion as a closed loop system. It can crush cake bulk hygroscopic powders and can be used to reduce lumps & break up agglomerates in pharmaceuticals, biological, chemical and food industries.

The PCD-1 automatic powder dispenser increases lab productivity, protects occupational health and safety and at the same time ensures process accuracy.

Solids are stored in a re-movable container which can hold up to 15kg of material (size can be customised). Dispensing is controlled from a computer on which dose size can be entered freely in a proprietary software. Dosing takes place into a second container mounted on a scale. Dispensing flow rate will taper off towards target and cut off when the entered dose target is reached.

Specifications Descriptions.
Operations • Compact overall dimensions make the equipment easy to be placed in a lab environment.
• Removable panels allow for easy maintenance
• Low noise operations
Performance • Dispensing volume of up to 15kg.
• Accurate dispensing with computer control and integrated weighing scale.
Dispensing advantages • Usable with different solids/powders.
• High repeatability.
• High accuracy.
• Easy to use and maintain.
Typical Dispensed Powders: • Ammonium Acetate, ACS grade.
• Urea, Ultra Pure grade.
• Tris, Ultra Pure grade.

1. Compact design allows for unit to be moved and be located at suitable location.
2. Integrated weighing scale for accurate dispensing of powder.
3. Computer controlled dispensing, linked to computer.
4. Slow rotation of grinding wheel results in less noise during operations
5. High reliability

Work health safety of workers.
Continuous manual-crushing of powders in high volumes frequently leads to wound fingers or blisters. Laboratories concerned about occupational health and safety require devices which enable operators to avoid such repetitive strain injuries.

Reliable measurement.
Manual weighting of the crushed powders may lead to variation in lab processes. The Powder Crusher ensures that the required dispensing amount are consistently met by supplementing our machine with a dispensing software which can be controlled through a desktop or laptop, which in turn saves time in the lab.

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